22 July 2012

Sweet Revival {Kitchen Organizer & a New Addition}


Isn't this a fun little piece?  It's an old kitchen organizer made of tin that has been painted many, many times over its life.


This is how I found it - in a vague Pennsylvania Dutch design.  Great bones, but it definitely in need of an upgrade.

I began to sand it down in prep for a new coat of paint.  I'm thinking soft yellow as I diligently sand away, revealing a previously painted motif in Early American.

Realizing that it was a later paint job, I continued to sand.

Oh, look!   It's already a soft yellow underneath the black & blue.  {Some days are just good days.}

Someone used this piece over many years and continually updated its skin to fit the current trend.  I love that. 

I think I like it just as it is - with decades of layers exposed and in a state of unrefined & incomplete.  I know it can be hard, but sometimes it's okay to just stop & let the piece be what it is.

It will be a nice feature in the soon-to-be garden booth. Oh, did I tell you we are opening a third booth at Queen?  Woot & Yay!  We've been so blessed with supportive clients that next week we are opening another spot to showcase more one-of-a-kind finds from {Home-ology}.

Desperately needed, a larger scale booth for furniture will be added on Meeting Street.  Try as we might, the two booths on Church Street were just too small.  So, I've decided to revamp the smallest booth to more of our garden & outdoor funky junk.  Our second booth will remain the same eclectic mix of rustic & industrial, and the third booth on Meeting will showcase more furniture & large scale items.  So, as of August 1st we will have our two booths on Church Street and a third booth on Meeting.

I do hope you'll stop by & let me know what you think - I love & appreciate your feedback.  It's what helps us grow & change.  And that's always a good thing!

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  1. Wow this is very unique! Im really liking this piece:) Love all the colors.


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