17 July 2012

Vintage Goodness {Summer Road Trip}

Hello friends!  We're back from our road trip & sooo glad to be home.  Two weeks is a long time to be away.  There's so much to catch up on, so much to tend to!  We have a van full of goodness that needs to be sorted & inventoried, two booths that need to be restocked {with a third one being added in a couple of weeks}, and an online shop that is getting a bit bare boned.  There's paperwork to tend to, bills to pay, not to mention the overgrown grass...  Whew!

But it's all worth it!  We had a great time visiting family and returning with lots of vintage goodness.

Can you believe how packed we were?  The van was completely filled from front to back.  These pics were the view from the passenger's seat.  Not an inch to spare.

It was great!

This is what we've been living with for the past two days.  It's only part of the hoard.  Do you see some awesomeness in the pile?  There are a lot of great items which I am so glad to have found.  It has become so very difficult to find interesting originals; but I'm happy to say that's what you're looking at.  Yeah, I could easily replace many of these pieces with similar reproductions, but my excitement is for the real thing.  If I can't have the original, I'm not interested.  Striving for the unique, unusual, & one-of-a-kind is the goal for our business.  And to be quite honest, most reproductions are at a very similar price point, so why not hold out for something your neighbor doesn't have?

Two days of labeling and I have enough to fill the booths.

You'll find me stocking the booths this afternoon with much of what you see here.

Come by & say hello!  But be warned, I just may put you to work ;)


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