19 July 2012

Vintage Goodness {Silver Ombre Roly Poly's}

Hitting the local antiques malls is always on my list of things to do when I'm traveling.  But when I get the opportunity to hit a really good thrift shop, it becomes first priority.  I mean, in an antiques shop you pretty much know the goodness you are going to see.  However, in a thrift store you just never know.  That awesome sleeper may be right around the corner hiding behind a pile of plastic storage containers just waiting to be discovered, and I want to be the one to do it.

While we were visiting family in Wisconsin, we came across a great thrift store called the St. Vincent DE Paul Society.  {There are quite a few of them throughout the Midwest, as we noticed several listed in other areas.}  Apparently it's quite a hit with the twenty-somethings and they love to gift shop for each other there.  Such smart cookies!

On our visit, there were quite a few finds I would have loved to have carried home with me, but the one that I absolutely couldn't walk away from was this:

 Wait for it...

Isn't it lovely?  A set of twelve roly poly cocktail glasses!  I love the silver ombre' effect of the chrome finish.  I love the roly poly style design.  I love the way they fit in my hand.

Guaranteed not to tarnish {and they've yet to do so in their 60+ years}, the mirrored ombre effect is quite modern and absolutely captivating.

A beautiful set of 12 pristine mid-century roly poly glasses.  So excited to get a dozen!!!  Perfect for the modern collector. I can't decide if I want to place them at the Queen or list them in the Etsy shop.  Perhaps I should keep them for my own...  ;)

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  1. what a find! i love thrift shopping when i travel too but i always pass up on the delicate ones because im always afraid they'd break if i put them in my luggage for check in :( that is an awesome find and very current too!

    1. i hear ya sista! this trip was part road/buying trip, so we were prepared with all the packing materials, etc. they made it home safely {woot!}

  2. wow there awesome i would keep them

    1. hi ARod, & thanks so much for stopping by!

      it was a tough call, but hub's was the voice of reason on this one. if you look back in my earlier posts, you'll see i have a "thing" for bar ware {especially glasses}, and a cupboard full. after my "high," reality set in, and i listed them in the etsy shop. i know they'll go to a good home ;)


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