02 July 2012

Vintage Goodness {Revival Vintage Market at Goat Farm}

Can I just say how "hot" it is here in Hotlanta? {Yep, I said that.}  It is b.r.u.t.a.l  people, brutal - we're talking 106 today.

So on the hottest day of the year, I'm thinking it's a great day to hit a vintage market in midtown, right?  Thank goodness we arrived early, that's all I'm sayin'.  By the time I made it into the venue, I wasn't perspiring {as my grandmother said that ladies do}, I was sweating.  I had it dripping from my nose, I kid you not.  It wasn't pretty, I know; and I apologize for those who witnessed it.  However, I took solace in knowing that others were suffering the same fate.

creative loafing
Despite the brutal heat, I was truly excited to check out The Revival's Vintage Marketplace at Goat Farm.  This time of year, there's nada happening in the vintage world around here, so it was nice to see an event being scheduled.  It was also the perfect opportunity to check out the venue of Goat Farm, which was 50% of the reason I wanted to travel an hour into midtown in the scorching heat.

The venue is 12 acres of what was once an old cotton gin factory built in 1889.  In the 1970's the property was purchased by an ex-Army Ranger.  Known for his eccentric personality, he was fiercely protective of this prime piece of realty & could be seen to running around the compound wearing a gold hard hat while scaring off potential investors with threats of gunfire.  During the time the property was under his ownership, he rented out studio space in the dilapidated buildings to various artists & musicians.  Under his protective eye, the property became known as a haven for working artists until he passed away in 2009.  Developers who eventually purchased the property have attempted to maintain the artsy vibe it had become known for, making it the venue it is today.

It's an interesting story - one I hope will continue on for many years.  If you'd like to check out more on Goat Farm, you can glean through the many awards & articles on their FB page here.  It's a good read.

As far as the vintage market being held on the compound, this year they had sixty-one vendors participating.  Although a bit small in size, the dealers were offering some truly awesome goods worth drooling over.  {I so want to move downtown & decorate my loft in mid century/industrial goodness}.  There was the usual plethora of clothing, jewelry, & soaps which I love.  However, a few vendors really caught my eye by bringing their own unique perspective to the vintage scene.
An interior view of the venue.  The walkways between the old factory buildings are lined with bricks & gravel.

{Old painted metal table.  It's on the want list for my pretend super chic urban loft.}

First to catch my eye was the booth of Mary Baristow of Mary Bairstow Designs.  Her eclectic mix of mid century & industrial captured me immediately.  I wanted everything.  My favorite was the old painted industrial table with the heavy wire grid top.  Awesomeballs!
Next was the booth of Tony McCray.  His creatively repurposed globe lights & the sweet collages made from old sewing patterns were perfection.  Google him for some great reads on his work then go visit him at the once-monthly Scott Antiques Market.  If you want to contact him personally, you can reach him at {404/944-5533} or at tonymccray2000@yahoo.com.  Such unique works, I'd definitely be adding a few globe lights to my dream loft.
  Just because we all need more magnets.

Okay, I'm so happy that someone devised another use for vintage suitcases!  Really, I'm so glad these talented gentlemen exist.  The team at Curious Provisions are creating one-of-a-kind boomboxes from these great utilitarian pieces.  What a perfect match - just too cool for school.


I was so glad I had the opportunity to hit this great little pop-up.  Had it not been for the heat, I would have spent many more hours perusing more of the vendor's wares.  There were a few upholstered pieces I wish I had gone back to photograph.  As it was, we we're only able to last about an hour before we were too "spent" to go any further.  But it's definitely on my list for next year & I'm praying for cooler weather.



  1. Thanks for visiting - aside from the heat, it was such a great event :)

  2. Thanks for the great write up. It was a great venue and plans are for another one in April and October. If anyone is interested in my pieces please email me at mary@mary Bairstow.com. I like your blog. With permission I would like to send this out to my clients. Thanks again. Mary Bairstow.

    1. Mary, please feel free to share in any way you please! Great to know there's more vintage goodness in the works. Look forward to the October show!

  3. I was there...and yes sir...it was dang hot!!!

    1. Amen to that! Looking forward to the October show - hopefully it will be a "tad" cooler!

  4. oh goodness me! i already love the goat farm even if i havent been there :) all the stuff in ur pics are drool-worthy!


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