20 July 2012

Vintage Goodness {Glass Bottles}


Lately I've become smitten with old pharmacy bottles & mason jars.  I've been keeping a small collection of them in my bay window to display the fresh flowers from my garden.  The idea isn't anything new.  But for a casual summer display, you can't beat their appeal.

I love the translucency of their colors & how they reflect light at certain times of the day.  Even when I have nothing to place inside them, their structural qualities make for a beautiful vignette.

The light & airy feel lends well to summer styling, and their casual elegance totally captivates me.

Utilitarian at their basic level but beautiful in their form, there are so many ways to put these into good use.  After recently picking up an old hayloft ladder on our latest excursion, I think the two might pair up beautifully as an interesting display for my front door.  It's just an idea, but I'm working on it... 



  1. There is something about those sea blue colored glass jars. I'll never get tired of it. Filled with wildflowers...on a window sill...lovely!!!

  2. colleen how true! i collect turquoise or blue-colored glass jars and they make me happy just by looking at them :) your collection is so elegant sarah :)


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