24 July 2012

Vintage Goodness {A Collection of Scales}

I'm a sucker for a pretty face, and vintage scales always catch my eye as I pass them by.  Such character & charisma.  And, people, they have a purpose {you know I love that}!  Form & function...

Some of them have such creative names.  This 1920's beauty is the Detect-O-Diet.  

No doubt, there was a love-hate relationship between she & her owner.  Always having to be the level-headed one is never fun; but that was her lot in life.  

She has such a nicely aged patina, not too shiny or new.

This turn-of-the-century gentleman resided in an old general store.  Very practical.  At one time he had weights, but those have long disappeared.  But that's okay.  He would be very good looking with a old glass jar filled with flowers set upon the flat surface where his weights once sat.  If you're like me, you'd add just enough water to balance him perfectly.

Another general store scale, this one is substantial and quality with his beautiful brass measuring apparatus.  I don't come across these very often & was happy to find a few on our last trip.
Beautiful & weighty.

But this one has become my all-time fav.  He's so interesting, with his little walrus-like feet and his 2 lb. measurement.  I appreciate that he was "approved."  What happened to the ones that weren't?

 Those Victorians, always dressing everything up.

Even the everyday had a place of beauty.

This one will stay in my collection for a while before finding new home.  I enjoy being able to appreciate & admire before moving on.



  1. These are so cool! I love things from the past that had a practical purpose. I'm a sucker for old typewriters. Great photos of great objects. Really fun to see.

    1. oh, don't even get me started on typewriters {love, love}! they sell like hotcakes for me; but i have a few special ones i keep all for myself!


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