04 July 2012

My Fourth of July {Project}

Today starts our ten day trip up to Wisconsin to visit our daughter & son-in-law & the new house they moved into last week.  We have the van loaded with furniture plus a U-Haul trailer filled with contents for their new home.  We're so excited to see their new house & can't wait to help them make it a home.

There are projects ahead, many, many projects...

 An outdated bath

And an outdated kitchen, plusso much more!

These pics were taken when they viewed the home prior to purchasing.  The majority of the home needs serious updating, but it's all cosmetic for the most part & will happen one project at a time.  They are so excited to get started and aren't afraid of the "diy" word {yet}!  I have complete confidence they will master the tasks ahead, and who knows, we may create a future diy blogging couple of our very own when it's all said & done!

{After all, they're a pretty cute couple with a whole lot of personality :)  I think a diy blog would be right up their alley!!!}
Anywho, the rest of this week will be filled with lots & lots of paint plus a few other various projects thrown in.  I'll be sure to take pic's along the way 'cause I know ya'll will want to see the mess progress.  Hopefully we won't encounter too many horror stories, but you know how it goes in an older home - there are always surprises along the way.  I realize that we won't finish all the projects on their list in one visit; but if we leave knowing they have the knowledge & skills to complete the tasks on their own, then we'll have done our job.

For all my hard work, I will reward myself with some great thrifting in the downtime.  From what I've researched, there's lots of antiquing to be done in & around the area, so  you can bet I'll be found doing some down & dirty thrifting!

I'll keep you posted on our adventures!  Happy July 4th!  {Think of me while I'm up to my elbows in paint today!}



  1. exciting! i love a good DIY :) ur daughter and son-in-law look positively in love :) dont forget to post pics :)

  2. As "outdated" as you claim, the stuff actually seems to be in good shape (ie sinks and such), so it might not be as much "work" (more like redecorating/repainting) than you thought! Good luck to you and the happy couple though!


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