30 July 2012

Sweet Revival {Antique Factory Cart}

We stumbled upon an old industrial cart on our last buying trip and get this, it was at a price we could actually afford {'cause you know these things tend to sell for a bizillion dollars}!!!  Needless to say, we were super excited to be carrying it home with us :)

This is how he looked when we brought him home - a little on the rough side and not looking like much.  But that’s okay, I feel completely confident that I can tackle this beast and make him all that he once was.

After all, it’s what I love to do.

Just a coat of conditioner and look at the difference!  This chap has seen lots of wear, tear, & neglect in his lifetime and was dry as a bone. So after a good sanding, I applied a pre-stain conditioner. Conditioning wood prior to staining makes for even absorption and provides a consistent look.   It took nearly a quart of conditioner before I felt confident the piece was saturated.  Did I say he was dry?  Like the Sahara.

Here he is with a coat of Minwax's English Chestnut stain.  I know he still doesn't look like much just yet, but he is improving.  Once a few coats of sealer are applied, the wood is going to come to life.  We'll really be able to see the depth of color & the richness of the beautiful walnut.

But before I got to apply the urethane, I had to perform the tedious task of removing the years of dirt & grease from the hardware.  I was definitely on grunge detail for most of the day.  I'll wax the hardware to provide a nice sheen & protect it from rust.

By the end of the day I was justly rewarded when I got to apply the first coat of urethane.  Oh, he's looking good!  Two more coats will be applied before it's final debut.

I can't wait to show him off.


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