06 July 2012

Project #1 Down

Me oh my!  We've been so, so busy since we arrived in Wisconsin.  And we brought the heat wave with us.  Yaaay...

We're here helping our daughter & son-in-law get settled into their new home.  It's been quite a task, but we're making great progress & things are really coming together.  We came armed with supplies for numerous projects because, against wishful thinking, there are always those unexpected surprises in an older home.  In this house, there was no plumbing for the washing machine {it was draining into a nasty plastic sink}, and the dryer vent was venting into the wall cavity!  A wall full of lint, hmmm, no fire hazards here.  Then there were the cabinets barely attached to the walls with screws that had no support.  Those have been removed from the basement.  And lots of painting.  

Paint is my main objective while here.  If we can get that completed, then others things can fall into place from there.  In my haste to begin the arduous task at hand, I of course  forgot to take the before pic of the worst room in the house {& the one which we know will take the longest} - the living room.  Quite honestly, I thought I had an old one, but not so lucky am I.

Anyway, for those of you {like me} who lived through the era, just envision a 1980's design scheme of peach and brown walls with the ever-popular "feature wall" so prevalent during the 80's.  This room's feature wall was done in a sponged pattern in various jewel tones - jade green, deep rose, & select browns all set over an undercoat of grey.  Now, stay with me as you imagine this feature wall set amongst contrasting peach & brown painted walls.  Yep, that's what we were contending with. 

And as another highlight to the room, the large bay window was engulfed in elaborately custom-made draperies like the one below to include drapes, swags, & jabots:

Remember these cabbage rose prints?  There was a time I would have killed to have an ensemble of drapes in this style.  You too?

Here's a few more pic's of what we're concentrating on.
The foyer which opens up to the living room

Complete with it's dark brown tile.

What you see as you enter the foyer from the front door.

  Here you can see the peach & brown walls along with the original moulding.

And here's the room with the uber dark stained trim & all the walls primed.  This was after twelve hours of me painting solo.  See the paint swatches on the wall on the left?  So worth the cost of a pot of paint.  We definitely did not go with the blue we had planned on once this paint test was done.  Do not skip this step!!!

We ended up with the one of the right.

Late that evening the eager couple arrived from Atl.  They woke at 7 am the next morning eager to get started.  Sleepy eyed, but full of energy!

And here's the room painted out {yay! hooray! whoot!}  Now we can finally get some furniture in the room.

Sorry for the grainy pictures.  Day two went well into the evening before we called it quits & these are those end-of-the day pics.

I think it's turning out so nicely!  Another full twelve hour day and we are now one room down {a total of 24+ hours to get this room completed}.

Today we had to take the day off.  While the homeowners stayed home to work on projects, Mr. {H} & I did some junking.  It was a nice diversion from the packed boxes, chaotic kitchen, furniture in the wrong places, & a plethora of paint cans/brushes/rollers, etc.  You get the picture.

Someone was happy to get out!

Tomorrow we will spend the day shopping for end tables, lighting, etc. as well as begin the steps for the kitchen remodel.  Such goodness!



  1. How exciting for them. What a difference a lick of paint does! The house looks like it has loads of potential:) Mel x BYW

  2. ohmy its certainly shaping up nicely :) i love the big windows! wonderful views! indeed what a different a lick of paint do :) job well done!


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