12 July 2012

The "Not So Finished" Home Reveal

Wow.  What a week we've had - so busy with the kids new homeowner's new home.  Sadly, my expectations were much higher than the reality of what we could accomplish in a week's time.  I'm not sure why, but with the four of us working pretty much non-stop, the end result was more from this

to this

from this

to this {see the new homeowner wiring his first light - such a great study!}

from this

to this

Basically, lot's of replacing of outdated lights, outdated ceiling fans, painting, and organizing while Mr. {H} was in the background doing all the things a dad does - repairing plumbing, installing wiring, & making sure the home was safe & sound for the new couple.  Although you don't see him, he's in the background in full force. 

In the end and coming to the realization that no room could be completed from start to finish, what's a sad blogging girl to do?  Shop, of course.  Ikea was very happy to see us ;)  But my favorite was the stop at Z Gallerie.  No purchases, but it settled a debate over the replacement of the foyer chandelier.

The initial thought was to replace the original chandelier since it didn't actually fit the scheme of the room.  When we saw this one at Z Gallerie, we loved it & knew it was the one.

That was until we saw realized that the original chandelier could be hacked into one very similar to the Z Gallerie chandelier!  Now that's productive shopping.

I think it has potential, don't you?  That will be another project for the next visit.

So, no true "after" shots came to life from all our hard work, but that's okay.  There was lots accomplished, and our main goal of leaving the new homeowners with the skills to complete the tasks ahead of them has been achieved.  I have faith they will make us proud!

We left on Tuesday and have been winding our way back home filling the van all the while with goodness.  Stay tuned!


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