26 July 2012

Kitsch Love

Happy Thursday!  For those of you at the 9 to 5, the weekend is almost here {wooot!}.

I don't know if I introduced you guys yet, but I'd like you all to meet Mr. Kitsch.

He's a groovy, campy 1950's tv lamp/fish bowl/planter.  Nowhere else but in the 50's would you get such an awesome three-in-one piece of decor.  He even lights up so you can watch your fishies while you sit in front of your space age Predicta television eating off your t.v. tray.

Isn't he the coolest?  Look at his old wavy glass fish bowl.

 And do you see the campy mid-western mountain scene in the back?  There's green mountains complete with tall pines and a wandering river.  I added the glass goldfish so the ASPCA wouldn't come looking for me for a no-maintenance version of the real thing.

His gold flecked finish and the atomic design cut-out completes his kitschy look.

I had almost forgotten about him until someone started stalking him.  Yep, he was stalked.  But don't worry, it was only by the etsystalker.com, and she's harmless.  She just appreciates fine kitsch as much as I do.  Do stop by & visit her post, she has stalked a few other fishy items off of Etsy that you may enjoy as well!

I've been busy today completing the trio of pharmacy cabinets {see yesterday's post here.}  So before I say goodbye, I thought I'd give you an after pic of the other two pharmacy cabinets {Mama Bear & Papa Bear} together with Baby Bear.

Aren't they cute together?  The pics don't do them as much justice as they deserve.  The distressing isn't quite as stark as the pic's portray.  In reality they are a deep green, not washed out at all.

I think they would be really good used in an art studio, don't you agree?  I do hope they all go to the same home as one big happy family.


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