18 July 2012

DIY Coffee Table on the Fly

  Do you see what I see?

Created from stacks of books and an old glass window, this coffee table is so clever and so easily replicated.

This idea comes from Apartment Therapy's "House Tour" and features Ann Mack's beautifully eclectic East Village apartment.  There are several other great visuals on this tour that caught my eye - especially the modern lighting & artwork paired with the antique/vintage furniture.  I particularly love how she & her designer melded both modern and vintage elements together in a way that is seamless, 'cause that's just how I roll.

Some great ideas shared.

You can read the full post here



  1. This is awesome! It would be a great way to add color to the room too. I wish vintage windows were a little less expensive though. Even at a salvage store they're usually $100+. Still, this is an excellent idea!

  2. I know what you mean, Sarah. We lucked out a few months ago & found six in a pile waiting to be hauled to the dump. Sweet hubby asked them if we could take them off their hands - they were glad to get them off the front yard! Yay for us!


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