13 June 2012

Vintage Goodness {Latest Finds}

This past weekend was very busy, very productive, & very motivating.  All great things.  But with that came little time to do much thrifting.  No matter, I've been finding some great things in my own storage unit, so I'm perfectly happy shopping there for now.  I should be ashamed that I didn't remember all the great stuff hidden in there, and I am...  I'm also making an effort to clean out old inventory in preparation for our upcoming road trip next month {woot}.  So here are a few items I discovered while shopping in my unit!

Do you see this pair of pendant lights?  They are steel with beautiful white enameled interiors.  These were actually movie props which came off an old set.  

What's nice about them is that the metal tubing used to support the cords are adjustable - I suppose that was to accommodate for different sets - so they can be set to specific heights.  Anywho, Mr. {Home-ology} graciously wired them for me so they are working & ready to go.  Just add a rockin' retro Edison bulb to them & your loft will be stylin' in industrial goodness.  {Awesome!}

And did you notice the great chrome & wood folding bar cart in the back?  Yes, we've already met him {you can meet him here if you missed his introduction}...
I'm a little googly-eyed right now when it comes to bar carts.  They are my current love.  

Next find was a really old Coca-Cola wall-mount bottle opener.  People are always asking me for these, so I grabbed it up before anyone noticed it hiding in the heap.  It will soon be sent to the Etsy shop if you are in search of one.  Or you can always send me a private note.

Don't you love the old painted patina?  I'm guesstimating from the 30's-40's on this one.  I sometimes add these to old pieces of furniture if they don't seem to be moving very quickly.  As soon as I do, they sell.  Ahh, Coca-Cola - the magic elixir.

So, aside from a couple of  1950's auto side mirrors, that's it - not a lot of quantity, but some good quality.  I'm really watching my pennies right now as I plan for our upcoming road trip next month, so I'm being extra stingy.

The storage unit is getting a little bare & my booths have tumbleweeds in them, but that's okay.  I'll soon have them filled with lots of new finds from the road trip.

I'm holding out for the good stuff!

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