04 June 2012

Vintage Goodness {American Modern Dinnerware}

Water pitcher in chartreuse
Do you love it as much as I?

Coffee pot in coral/creamer in coral/sugar w/ lid in seafoam

 A little collection of mid century pottery.

Celery dish in seafoam/salt & pepper in seafoam & granite gray

It was purchased new in the 1940's when the owner first married & began setting up house.  She used it for many, many years.

Chop plate & vegetable platter in granite gray

But the time came for her to downsize.  So she passed along some of her pieces to those who would appreciate & care for it as she had.

Cup & saucers in chartreuse

She preferred to mix & match her set.  But her favorite was the chartreuse.

Cup & saucer in cedar green

While her husband preferred the green.

Cup & saucers in granite gray
Cup & saucers in coral
I can only imagine the many conversations that passed over these coffee cups throughout the years...

This collection of American pottery was aptly named "American Modern."  Designed by Russel Wright for Stubenville Pottery, it was in production from 1939 through 1959 & holds the record for the most widely sold dinnerware in the history of American pottery. So strong was the appeal for his dinnerware that consumers often stood in long lines for the chance to add a piece to their collection.

Today's collectors have their favorite pieces, as well.  The ones most difficult to obtain are the water pitcher, the celery dish, & the demitasse sets.  

So, last weekend was a bit of a bust for me in terms of finding great treasures, but this little collection more than made up for it.  It's finds like these that keep us motivated during the dry spells. 

I am so excited to make these available in our Etsy shop.  Look for them soon! 

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  1. Beautiful pieces! I am going to have to share your blog with my mom, she will love your site too. I'm going to subscribe via bloglovin' - I really enjoy what you have here. I also love your tagline!

  2. Sarah, thanks so much for visiting & for your kind words! I look forward to stopping by your blog as well. {I'm sure it's beautiful!}

  3. oh such beautiful pieces! i adore the colors! i wish i can find pieces like these here... what a treasure you got!

  4. Oh i really love the chartreuse pitcher great finds! Cool to find you through BYW

    1. i loved that pitcher, too! it sold immediately & i was kinda sad to see it go. so great to meet you through byw!


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