08 June 2012

Sweet Revival {Rolling Bar Cart}

Here is small collection of vintage finds from last weekend's excursion.

Do you see the bar cart?  I have a little crush on bar carts right now, it's true.  I can't seem to pass them up, and this one is awesomely retro {or will be when I'm done with him}.

Unfortunately, someone tried to patch him up with some silver spray paint.  Not pretty.

It's nothing a little paint thinner, a scouring pad, & many hours of tedious labor won't fix.
Did I mention the hours of work?  There was a lot of corrosion & peeling lacquer hiding underneath that layer of paint.  Reality is, the damage is always worse than it looks through my rose colored glasses when I've fallen in love with a piece & have decided to make it mine.

But, it was totally worth it.  I've salvaged another dilapidated, neglected diamond in the rough.
I love to restore.  I take great joy in returning a piece to it's most attractive state while still showing its aged character.  I don't refinish very often - it looks too new.  Instead, my goal is to make a piece look its best.  

So why work so hard on something so old and worn?  I respect who this gentleman is.  He's a 1950's Rid-Jid "Serve 'n Style" {get it?} Folding Cart.  Originally his metal was brass-toned using a type of lacquered finish.  But, as I mentioned, this was peeling off.  So I removed it & left the exposed metal in its natural state.  With the sanding required to remove the corrosion, he was left with a beautiful brushed nickle finish - all soft & silky.

A very clean finish.

I believe the wheels were factory painted in silver, which had sadly been painted over in black.  But I have plans to make them shimmer once again.

His dry-as-a-bone wood slats.  {So thirsty.}

Here he is all cleaned up & ready for a new life.  Several coats of Danish Oil were applied.

And a little paint in the right places.

And he's all fine!

Okay, so after seeing this pic I realize that I am going to have to paint the backside of the wheels as well.  Always something...  But other than that, I think were done here.  

I love staging these carts with all the necessary accoutrements for a great party.  Next week I'll show you a good layout for setting this up as a bar.

Happy weekend!



  1. I love, love, love, love, big time! Especially the golden paint in that exactly right places! Those wheels (I almost typed heels! - lol) - turned out SO BEAUTIFULLY!

    Well done, I cannot wait to see how you'd style it at your home.

    Aloha from BYW =)

    1. tee-hee {love me some gold heels}! thanks for stopping by from byw - so great to meet you!

  2. That's amazing! You do awesome work. What a transformation. I love that you gave him a helping hand, but didn't change who he is. :) Love it.

  3. Lovely! I was just sure you were going to paint the wood a wild bright color like http://www.shopsocietysocial.com/products/the-tipple-trolley

    1. oh my, that is pretty! i did consider painting it, 'cause it would look awesome all colorful & such; but i opted against it since it was a quality vintage piece. when they are in great shape overall, i try to keep them as original as possible.


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