12 June 2012

Stocking the Bar {The Main Ingredients}

Welcome back to the second in the series on how to properly stock your bar.  I hope you're finding the research helpful & that you're motivated to put your knowledge to good use.  {Hub's & I are available for impromptu gatherings should you decide to implement your new bar anytime soon!}

In today's post I'll highlight that for which the bar was made:  the libations.  I'll also include a small list of mixers & condiments in order to provide the widest assortment of cocktails from the most basic of ingredients.  You have permission to expand on this list to your heart's desire!

Remember, this is a basic bar-set up for one who wishes to offer a variety of general cocktails.  It is perfectly acceptable to keep it uber simple by having an offering of one cocktail, a white &/or red wine, & a select beer choice - or you can take it as far as you wish to go.  Trust me, your gracious guests will enjoy whatever it is you have to offer no matter how large or small.

The Main Ingredients:


The Alcohols:
  • White rum (for daiquiris, mojitos, & most tropical drinks)
  • Gin (for martinis & tonics)
  • Bourbon (for old fashioneds & whiskey sours)
  • Vodka (for martinis, bloody marys, cosmopolitans)
  • Tequila (for margaritas, & tequila shots)
  • A red wine
  • A white wine
  • A select beer
The Mixers:

I'm not a snob when it comes to pre-made mixers for those specialty drinks.  There are really good quality mixers available if you choose that route.  They'll save quite a bit of time for the host & are a good option when keeping it simple.  A good bloody mary mix {Zing Zang is my all-time fav}, margarita mix, & your favorite tropical mixers will serve you well.  Aside from those, I also like to keep on hand:
  • Club Soda for those who prefer a splash incorporated into their liquor (always splurge by purchasing the small bottles, as the majority of carbonation is lost when the bottle is opened.)
  • Tonic for the simple gin & tonic
  • Coke & Sprite
  • White Vermouth (essential for a sublime martini).   *Probably only a basic essential in my book, but I'll let you decide.
  • Bitters (not actually bitter, it aids in blending all the other flavors).  If you want to wow your guests, add a drop or two (no more) of bitters to their cocktail.  It will add that "unknown" characteristic that takes the cocktail to the next level.  They'll be totally impressed by your mixology skills!

The Condiments:
  • Olive juice and cocktail olives
  • Celery
  • Lemons/limes
  • Tabasco
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Kosher salt for lining the rims of glasses

 {Writing this post is making me seriously crave a great Bloody Mary!}  

Are you motivated to set up a bar of your own?  Any available surface is adequate.  Having a bar is a perfect opportunity to let your personality show & allows you to display some of those items which normally stay hidden behind cabinet doors.  Make good use of your space and of your accessories!


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  1. That was a very interesting and informative post! I had no idea what went into a stocked bar, as neither my husband or I drink (not opposed, we just stick with our soda haha). Even though it's doubtful I'll ever end up making a bar, it was neat to learn about them! Thank you for sharing your know how!


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