14 June 2012

Stocking The Bar {The Accessories & the Big Reveal}

Are you still with me on the quest for the perfect bar?  Here in post #3 we will discuss the accessories of the bar & show the reveal of Mr. Rid Jid as my newest bar cart {woot}!
Here he is after being revived from his dilapidated state of sadness.  Remember, I needed to paint the insides of the wheels (ugggh - I've yet to do it!).

We'll see him in a bit.  But first, let's discuss the accessories necessary for the proper bar.  The bar accessories are the jewelry of the bar which also serve very specific purposes.  This is also the fun stuff where your personality gets to really shine in the choices you make.

Accessorizing the Bar Cart

vintage 1950's cocktail napkins straight from era of the jet set party goers
Cocktail napkins are a must.  In paper or cloth, there are endless choices.

There's nothing more unpleasant than holding a sweaty glass while doing a meet & greet.  Placing a small cocktail napkin underneath your guest's glass will avoid an awkward "sweaty palm."
Bar utensils & an ice bucket are your absolutes. This old flower frog became the perfect accessory to keep my bar utensils handy, yet contained.
And a groovy cocktail shaker {if you're like me} is also a must.  The ones with the strainer attached are an easy all-in-one accessory to properly impress your guests as you shake the "up" drinks.
Cocktail spears or good quality toothpicks are necessary for your cocktail's garnish.  They're a fun statement {and also make great hostess gifts}.
Lastly, cocktail stirrers/muddlers - for the obvious, and assorted condiment bowls & a cutting board to use for your select garnishes.

So that's it!  You have the perfect bar and the perfect bar setup.  Now all you need are the guests!

We've covered the basics of setting up a proper bar cart - from choosing the right glass to the  having the necessary accessories.  I hope you found some useful knowledge you can put into practice when preparing for your next get-together, I know I did.  And I had quite a bit of fun researching!

Now, as promised, here's the reveal of Mr. Rid Jid {I love him so}:

What do you think?  He's awfully pretty & I'm so smitten with him; but I'm afraid he might be a wee bit too small for my space.  He would be an ideal companion in a loft or apartment where his light & airy design would be much better suited.

Alas, as much as I love him {and I do}, I'm afraid I am going to have to continue my search.

So what's on your agenda this weekend?  I believe there's a little holiday goin' on known as "Father's Day."  Perhaps your Mr. might enjoy a little set up for his very own...

just an idea ;)



  1. Hello! Just popping over from BYW2, and I am so happy to have found your site! I love all the items you repurpose and will definitely keep your site in mind for my upcoming projects! Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and that I really like your blog!
    Sarah :)

    1. Hi, Sarah! Thanks for popping over. I hope you're enjoying the class as much as I - such talented people!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I think the cart looks tres chic in your space and the wheels make it ready for action where needed. You have some great vintage pieces, I especially like the wooden/stainless tray for garnishes. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, SuzieQ! I'm having a "thing" for rolling bar carts right now. {Unfortunately that beautiful tray isn't mine, but it can be yours - it's available online.}


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