18 June 2012

Monday Musings

The path through life is a journey

Sometimes lined with petals, sometimes blocked by entangled roots

 And when you stumble, lift your head

So that you see the beautiful light which surrounds you

The winding rivers will be fast & furious at times

And the falls will be hard

But over time the raging waters ebb, and the river slows to a gentle pace

eventually settling where the rocks grow moss & new ideas emerge

May your journey through life always lead upward!



  1. somehow i feel so calm and at peace with your pics sarah :) beautifully taken and the verses you added are just the cherry on top of the cake :) life affirming words! thank you very much for posting them :)

  2. Beautiful post, and amazing photos! <3

  3. Very awesome post and I love the captions, very well worded. Really a good time!


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