07 June 2012

Milo Baughman Is in The House

I don't show my home very often.  There's always a mess & the lighting tends to be a bit moody.  But when I try to make a design decision, I find it helps to view it through a picture.  It's almost like looking through someone else's eyes.  And I need a second set of eyes for this decision. 

I've been in love with a chrome bench I found at a thrift store last year.  It was pretty rusty when I found it, but cleaned up very nicely.  I knew it was good.  I just didn't realize how good until a few months later when I read an article on the designer, Milo Baughman.  In the article they highlighted one of his pieces, and there it was, my chrome bench!  This puppy recently sold on 1st Dibs for over $1200.

I've put it up for sale twice only to take it back out.  I think I want it for my own {the dilemma of a dealer}.   I've been trying to incorporate more modern pieces into what is mostly a French Country meets British Colonial interior.  It hasn't been easy, but this bench just might work. 

So here's my living room.  {Promise not to criticize the clutter in the kitchen or the boxes waiting to be mailed in the foyer, etc......}

Do you see the leather ottoman peeking out from the lower right hand corner of this pic?  That's is what I typically use for the sofa's coffee table.  Beautiful?  Yes.  Dark?  Yes.  Big?  Definitely!

 But the ottoman is more squared than the long rectangular shape of the bench.  And I'm afraid it might be the better choice visually.

 However, I love the light, airy open feeling the bench gives to the space, as well.  {Do you see the price tag still on the bench?  It's just my life...}




Does it make a long room look longer?

I'm not looking to live in a bowling alley.

What do you think?  Okay, I want opinions on the bench - not the rest of the house {ha-ha}!



  1. The bench is fantastic! I love every bit of it!

  2. The bench is fab. I feel like it shouldnt work in the room, and yet it does! What a find!

  3. thanks guys! it's unanimous - even hubby likes it!

  4. I think that bench is possibly DIA ( Design Institute of America ) and not Baughman. Baughmans name has become synonymous with all things chrome in the same way Eames or mad men have become terms for mid-century. Its a lovely piece and a great piece of design, I just don't think its Baughman.

    1. Killian, thanks so much for your input! I love discussion, especially when I can take something away from it! That said, I am definitely open to the idea of it not being a Baughman {although it would break my heart}. But in researching your thought, I see the current DIA stainless steel bench isn't anything like my design. Aside from being stainless, theirs is an angular design w/ slats running down each side. Mine is exact to Baughman's in every way, even underneath. Perhaps you can refer me to another bench that I haven't seen?

  5. I love it! It looks wonderful in the room. What a find!

  6. It's a gorgeous piece, but I would like to see some thread to tie it into the room a bit better - possibly some chrome accessories, lamps, etc. just to give it a common thread.

    Btw, I want it!

    1. yeah, i think you're spot on. overall, all who have seen it prefer it over the ottoman; but i agree with your thoughts - it's a lonely place for this modern piece {he has no one to hang out with}! now that i have decided to keep him in the room, i plan to incorporate more. he was my start off point. i'll keep you posted!!!

  7. Great bench! I think it works. Or you can slowly add in some more modern pieces. :)

  8. it is a baughman definitely. I have a couple, and want to sell one, maybe both but one for sure. it's a very clean useful, attractive piece. I am moving in another direction so I want to sell a bench.

  9. if anyone is iterested, please contact mevia this forum or at soulmambo@gmail.com. thanks


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