29 June 2012

July 4th Vintage Style

Historically, our time to shine is on the 4th of July.  We Invite friends & family up for a day of BBQ & a majorly awesome fireworks show.  We've become well-known in the area for our fireworks, and neighbors have begun to count on the show as an annual event.  At 9:30 the neighbors sit on their front porch, their lawns, or in their pastures {hey, it's rural} & anticipate the event.  Sometimes we even get to duel it out with others in the area as we all shoot off the best in our arsenals.

The past two years, we've been busy with weddings & other things.  We didn't get to have our annual event.  This year we also had to put it off.  But next year, oh, it's on!  And when we do, you're invited!  No really, we love company!!!  But if you can't make it, I promise to have lots of pic's.

So, as I pine for next year's July 4th BBQ Bash, I thought I'd live vicariously through the wonderful world of blogdom.

I'm intrigued by the indoor furniture being pulled outside for a party.  Practical?  No.  Fun?  Absolutely!  I mean, who wouldn't want to lounge on the couch while eating, drinking, & being merry in the great outdoors!
Pulling out your beautifully time-worn pieces of furniture {like benches & rockers} is in perfect keeping with the history &  celebration of America's 236th birthday.

Vintage Junk in My Trunk
We still love chalkboards,  Love the color of this one.

Southern Living
Ahh, my dream summertime party - on the lake.  A great rustic farm table is the perfect outdoor seating for guests.

We're going to be visiting our daughter & son-in-law during the July 4th festivities this year.  I imagine on that day we'll be up to our elbows in paint and various projects.  Perhaps I'll paint a little red, white, & blue of my own!


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  1. Next year (and yes we are way overdue), we celebrate with 20 pounds of smoked beef brisket with all the fixin's (including large amounts of cold beverages), then kick back to enjoy some MAJOR Pyrotechnics. Time to go BOOM ! PS, sparklers included for the young or young at heart! All for a great time!


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