19 June 2012

Five Reasons For Choosing Vintage

I have a real appreciation of vintage for many reasons. Aside from its beautyt, there's also some very practical reasons why a vintage item can be a better choice over new.

In today's post I'm highlighting five of my top reasons for choosing vintage.


This may be obvious to many, but perhaps not everyone is aware that most vintage/antique pieces are constructed of higher quality materials, and the craftsmanship is often superior. Typically, pieces made before 1950 are made of solid woods with dovetailed drawers. With the countless hours it took a furniture maker to create just one single piece, you can bet it was made to last as long as possible.


Another advantage is recycling materials that will otherwise be discarded. And if a piece has lost its usefulness, consider making it into something new. In our shop we would often repurpose obsolete objects to give them new life. There are so many creative ways to reuse.

Here we repurposed an antique door & an industrial metal base to create a one-of-a-kind cocktail table (you can read the post here). If you have a piece you just can't part with but is in dire need of an update, consider hiring someone to breath new life into it. Oftentimes it's just as cost effective and you'll end up with a better quality piece.


Although reproductions abound in the world of new, there's nothing like having an original with its naturally aged finish.  Reproductions can never duplicate the aged patina of a true antique.


There is nothing more disappointing than walking into someone's newly designed home and not being wowed by the vibe it gives.  If it doesn't tell me about the people that live there, then it isn't a home yet.  

The easiest way to avoid a flat, lifeless room is by adding a few {or more} vintage pieces into the mix.  When you do, your room will gain the much needed depth & character that makes it uniquely yours.


Did you know that the cost of vintage will often be far less than its contemporary counterpart? Comparing like for like, a newly made piece of the same quality can easily be three or more times costlier than the vintage piece.  Most people are surprised by that, but its true. You can actually save quite a bit of expense by choosing vintage.

Do you prefer something new that only you have laid claim to, or do you prefer something that has had a former life?  Does the idea of "old stuff" make you run the other way? Or do you gravitate to the old hoping to learn its story?

I grew up in a family of women who loved to treasure hunt. I have many wonderful pieces that were passed down to me. Would I have taken a vintage route had I not been exposed to it at an early age? I think I would have. I appreciate the time worn patinas, the handmade craftsmanship, & the durability of the furniture. Let's face it, my antiques survived four children {not to mention the multitude of others before us}.  What big box furniture can match that?


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