21 June 2012

A First Home

Yesterday one of our daughters {& her hubsy} signed the papers on their first mortgage.  They are so excited, & so are we!

It's an older home in a great neighborhood.  It's also one that is going to require some updating.  We've only seen pic's so far, but it is definitely due a little love.  I don't know if this couple truly realizes the work ahead of them; but isn't that the best way to start sometimes?  Naivety & a great frame of mind will go a long, long way.

 {Awww, they look so innocent & happy!}

The last time our daughter was in town, we used most of that time shopping for furniture, getting ideas, & picking out paint choices.  After getting an idea of the design scheme she was leaning towards, we hit the antiques shops, consignment shops, & antiques markets to see what was out there.  We found some major pieces at really great savings.

We fell in love with the Chesterfield sofa & chair at Pottery Barn.

And at $3500 for the pair, it was going to be a major purchase.  We were budgeting for them, because they were perfect for the room, then look what I found at a great vintage market in Atlanta...  SCORE!

Once they get a good conditioning, they'll be like new.  And believe me, I didn't pay $3500.

The formal sofa below was another great buy, found at a local antiques mall.  It will reside in the living room.  It's new but from a designer show home & was picked it up for a fabulous price!  All three pieces were at a major savings compared to retail.

Which allowed her to purchase a pair of these beautiful chairs at retail without feeling guilty.  The pair will be sitting across from the white sofa in the living room.


And will be tied together with these end tables from Z Gallerie.  It's hard to visualize from the pic, but these are faux wood patinated in a beautiful shimmery silver.  Can you say G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S?  It's all going to tie in very nicely.  Their clean modern aesthetic will serve them for many, many years.  The fun trendy stuff will all be in the details.

She really chose some beautiful pieces of furniture - some vintage, some new. {I'm so proud of her design abilities!}   And it is all going to be beautiful.

We'll be hauling all the furniture up in a couple of weeks as we come to help with the move-in.  Most of our time will be spent painting and doing a few  major minor construction projects.  I'll be posting some before & after pics - the girl's got some pretty wicked creative talent, so it will be interesting to see how she puts it all together.

My treat for all the hard work?  Oh, that will be the buying trip we'll be doing as we head back home to Georgia.  It will make all the hard work worthwhile when I arrive home with a van packed full of goodness.



  1. What a lucky daughter to have a mom with such good design sense! I love all the things you two have picked out so far. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. thanks, sarah! i'm really looking forward to seeing it in person!!!

  2. So excited to see all of our furniture in our new home!!! Can't wait for you guys to get up here!

  3. i love that chesterfield sofa :) i remember once there was a guy who gave his away because he was redecorating his flat and i wished i could have gotten it but alas, we have a tiny apartment :( i can see where ur daughter inherited the good design gene ;) lovely!

  4. Wow, your daughter sure is lucky to have you! I live in Atlanta and have many a room to decorate as we moved into our house fairly recently. If you wouldn't mind sharing your resources, I would love to know the places you found to be the best!! Thank you.

    1. Absoultely! I'm all about sharing the love ;) Not sure where you are in Atl, but my favorites are the Queen of Hearts antiques malls - there's three of them - Buford, Alpharetta {I'm there on the aisle of "Church Street"}, & Marietta. The Marietta store is closing soon, so you may be able to get some great buys there right now. Other fav's are Kudzu Antiques & a plethora of consignment shops{just google those in your area}. Also check out the Scott Antiques Market - it's big {two buildings} and tons of options there. I'd love to hear back on what you find!


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