28 May 2012

Vintage Goodness

I love the frenzy of weekend yard sales - especially when they turn up some great finds.  Unfortunately, this weekend was a bit of a bust for me.  All I found for dragging myself out of bed on a Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. was three extending rulers & a cocktail shaker.  

They can't all be winners...

Since I didn't find any catches this weekend, I had to shop my storage unit for some fresh inventory.  Surprisingly, I found some really great stuff hiding in there!  Sometimes you just forget what you have stashed back in that far corner underneath a hoard of junk inventory.

 My first find was a pair of awesome industrial metal chairs we picked up while junkin' through the mid west last summer.  There's an inventory label attached to one of them from an old hospital, I'm guessing from the 20's.  Pretty cool in their awesome shade of green.


My next find was this great old wire shopping cart I picked up in Tennessee.  The patina is total vintage, & those wheels {sigh}.

When loosely fitted with a liner, these make the perfect cart to stow your stash while junkin' at your local flea.

And when you're not shopping, they're perfect used as laundry baskets - easy to roll from bathroom to laundry room.

My favorite fabric to use in these is a drop cloth from your hardware store - durable & super cheap.  Just loosely sew together a "bag" to fit inside, add ties to the top {or Velcro tabs} and you're ready to go!

 Saving the best for last,
The perfect beverage tub for tonight's outdoor grill party.  And this one still has it's labels & drain hoses!  These old wash tubs always go fast in the summer.  So cool.

Who knew I had all this great stuff sitting in my storage unit?  I wonder what other treasures are hiding in there?  {Note to self, it's seriously time to do an inventory check!}

What did you find this weekend?

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  1. my birthstone is emerald and i must say that chair is right on the money :) i love the old wash tubs, i can totally see them as a planter :)

    1. Bijou, I LOVE emeralds {my engagement ring is an Colombian emerald}!

  2. I am in a serious state of envy over that wash tub!

  3. And I over your lead toys! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks bunches for stopping by to take a look! Isn't it a fun way to repurpose an outdated old tub? I get so excited whenever I find one of these - especially in such good condition!


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