07 May 2012

Reclaimed Cocktail Set using Salvage & Vintage

I love metal & old wood. Stockpiling it is a habit of mine.

I'm sure that's why I'm so passionate about garden furniture. Garden furniture itself is a combination of all my loves wrapped into one happy package: my love for gardening, my love for vintage, and my love for anything made of metal. When I come across an old rusty piece, it nearly always ends up in the back of my car.

On a little road trip a couple of weeks ago, we found this sweet pair of wrought iron bar stools:

repurposed cocktail table
details of the wrought iron stools
  The detailed design is so typical 1950's.  {Lovin' those heart shape backs.}
The sweet curvature of the legs, and those layers of paint... Yes, please!

Did I mention that the seats swivel? And they work perfectly. I was so excited to find a pair!
antique door repurposed into cocktail table
What's even better is how beautifully the two chairs fit with this salvage cocktail table we recently created.  What impeccable timing it was to find them when we did!

The metal base, I randomly purchased several months ago {I told you I'm a sucker for metal}. And it just happened to be the perfect height for a cocktail table. salvaged door as table top
The top was created from an antique door which came complete with remnants of its original painted surface.  Perfect.
antique door repurposed into cocktail table
 And the combination of the chairs & table looks as if they were meant to be together - both beautifully time worn & chippy.

What a nice example of how reclaimed materials can be revived & repurposed into functional pieces - perfectly fit for today's lifestyle.


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