18 May 2012

In the Garden Today

I love magnolia blossoms. So succintly Southern & the perfect definition of my grandmother.  She always kept a blossom floating in a crystal bowl in her dining room during the summer.  

I have a beautifully engraved print of a magnolia blossom.  It, too, belonged to her & hung in her living room.  It was the one thing I requested when she passed away. 

I later learned that this engraving was a rendering taken from a tree belonging to my grandmother while she lived in Sparta, Ga back in the 1930's.  The artist was her neighbor.  Her work was housed in a gallery in New York.  

As payment, the artist gifted my grandmother with this engraving.  I've seen it in several antiques shops since then & it always gives me great joy.

 This blossom was taken from our home in the mountains.  It was donated by the unusually large tree that lingers over our driveway {constantly making a mess... it's the least it could do for the mess it makes}.  Hubs was up there working in the yard & surprised me with it when he came home.

It was only a bud yesterday.  This afternoon, it was in full bloom.  I knew it was before I saw it - the scent was wafting through the house as I came in the door.

I am going to keep it where I will enjoy it the most.


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