15 May 2012

In the Garden Today

Oh, how busy was today.  I had planned to do a superhuman listing of items onto the Etsy shop, but was diverted early on by the need to do a complete overhaul of one of our booths.  When it was all said & done, we didn't make it home until 4:30.  Definitely not on the agenda, but glad it's done.

Finally home & exhausted, our plans quickly went from work mode to relax mode.  After a much needed shower, it was time to head onto the patio and unwind.  We have been blessed with such beautiful weather - a warm winter & a cool spring.  Who could ask for more.

While enjoying the beautiful breeze, I noticed many of our plants experiencing unusually early blooms.  How nice this is!

Here's what is in our garden today:

Lingering chairs on the lawn from last weekend's bocci game.

One of my favorite parts of the garden are the rocks that line the patio, especially when the creeping thyme & moss have filled in the cracks after a good rain.

I know many consider hydrangeas too old-fashioned for their taste, but in the garden is where my real Southern roots show.  Keep looking...

Yes, it'a a gardenia bush & it's absolutely loaded this year.  I've never seen it so full of buds & blossoms!  It's literally drooping to the ground & the scent is heady enough to send you another planet!!!  {So happy I am}.

A native bottlebrush buckeye - love the texture.

The view coming up from the vege garden

Peacock fern & more moss filling in the bricks at the faucet.

A visitor lingering beside the pond.  Does anyone recognize this little guy?  Most snakes are highly beneficial to the garden, & I usually respect their presence; however, I always give them their space!

Moving on to more pleasant visuals is on of my fav. hydrangeas - the davidii hydrangea.  It usually blooms before the mophead, but as I said, everything has bloomed all at once this year!

And my succulent gardens are filling in so nicely!

I love my garden.  After a hectic day, nothing gives me peace more than a few moments appreciating the beauty nature gives us.


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  1. ooohh i love your garden so much! i love hydrangeas (old-fashioned girl as i am) and the little nooks and crannies and moss growing on your rock floor! such character :) im trying to grow a succulent's corner in my balcony now... still clueless where to get them LOL


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