01 May 2012

Goodness in the Making {Our Summer Garden}

Goodness in the Making

A small selection of summer vege's will produce plenty if you keep your garden well maintained.  This year, our garden includes a varitey of squash, peppers (mild & hot), and tomatoes.  It's not as large as what we've grown in the past; but there will be plenty.

The tomatoes & hot peppers are earmarked for one of my two favorite summer recipes - pico de gallo & pesto.  And on my deck you will always find large pots of cilantro & basil growing for just that reason.  I play with other herbs, but always keep these two on hand for my two absolute favorites.  It's not summer without them.

Eco-friendly & just easy maintenance, soaker hoses make the job of watering manageable - especially when the temps here start to reach near 100 degrees.

A little jealous, are we?  Oh, I was talking about that beautifully dark rich soil!  (But the man's a keeper, too!)  

I have a large compost bin which we take full advantage of during this time of the year.  You truly can't replace the benefits of organic compost when building up your garden beds.  Synthetic fertilizers lack many of the micro nutrients that are so crucial to a successful growing season; and I can't help but believe that organic components produce a  more nutritional harvest.

Summer's on the way!  

I can't wait to share my two fav. summer recipes with you later in the season.  Super easy to make, but oh so good!


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