10 May 2012

A Day at the Market

Today was set up day at the Scott Antiques Market.  So crazy, with all the vendors trying to set up while customers are running around in anticipation of their next "find." There's always an air of excitement on the first day.

The first sale of the day was our beautiful teak dresser. I didn't even get a chance to properly display it, but that's okay. Funny, but another vendor had the pair of matching night stands that went with this bedroom suite. You just never know...  

Needless to say, the customer had to put the "family" back together.


I'm so in love with oranges right now.  Love, love.

Especially when it's paired with gray & electric blue!

{And some succulent goodness.}

See the fabric in the background?  It's a Chris Stone mid-century design in barkcloth.  

Beautiful walnut dining table w/ a hard to find set of six chairs. This set is made by Stanley in the "Forum" line.


I picked up a collection of industrial European tins a few months ago, knowing they had potential.  These have become nice industrial accent pieces.

Happy weekend!


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