05 April 2012


I currently have an obsession with succulents and knew I was going to create some containers this year, so I have been stashing away some great salvaged pieces with that in mind.
I love the endless variety of shapes and colors available. They're beautiful solo, as a piece of art, just as much as they are when grouped together in a container - which is what I did. Want to see how?

First choose your containers. Succulents don't require a large amount of soil, so you don't need a lot of depth. This salvaged industrial tray works well with the structural lines of my succulents. To retain loose soil, I lined my container with a fabric weed barrier.
Next I created a loose potting mix. Succulents need excellent drainage in order to thrive.
By simply mixing one part potting soil to one part Perlite you get the perfect ratio. There are many recipes out there, but this one seems to work as well as any.
Last, I like to add a layer of pebbles on top. The pebbles create nice textural interest as well as being a good soil retainer.

 This industrial tray on casters has holes on the bottom - perfect for drainage.  I love that I can roll it wherever I choose!  The small tray will eventually be covered with the low growing succulents I selected and will become a "living" table.

This arrangement is contained in a heavy gauge stainless steel dipping tray that was used in the auto industry.  Love the handles & the old patina left behind from its previous life.
Succulents do need consistent watering; however, they do not like standing water. If you use the proper soil mixture and allow for proper drainage, your plants will thrive! With so many interesting textures and colors, there are an endless variety of succulents to choose from. Have fun with it!



  1. I also love succulents. I just created a cute little arrangement for a friend in a nursing home and she loves it. I managed to find some blooming in pink and purple and put them in a bright green pot with pink paper ribbon.

  2. they're such versatile little things! it's wonderful to have a living plant to cheer up a space - especially one that doesn't require too much tending!


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