24 April 2012

Spring Flings 2012 {show us your best}

Native Dogwood in bloom

Springtime is in full bloom here in the South and we're absolutely smitten!  

Although we're currently experiencing "Blackberry Winter," no matter.  I just see it as the last cries of winter before springs takes over.  Warm days are just ahead!

Here in Georgia, there's plethora of springtime festivals to kick off the season and get the masses out of hibernation.  I'm enticed by the ones below.  Some are tried & true, going on for many years, and others are pop-ups of recent.  Grab your sandals, a picnic basket perhaps, your favorite flavor of sunscreen, and let's head outdoors.

For a true downtown experience, who wouldn't love an elegant event at the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Gardens?  Gardening AND cocktails, hello...!  This is a smoozy gathering of Atlanta's best.  A pretty little cocktail dress, along with some bug spray in lieu of perfume - it's a romantic evening out for sure!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Okay, a bit late for this one but def. worth putting on the calendar for 2013 is  the Atl. Dogwood Festival.  It's one that has endured for many years and sports the usual array of art, food, music, & family friendly events. 

Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Ever been to Atlanta's Goat Farm?  It's on my to-do list.  And with the Vintage Pop-Up Market happening in June & July, you'll find me there.  The venue has an interesting history, which totally enhances the visual & performing arts events taking place at the site.  But for me, it's all about that pop-up market - I sooo can't wait!

Pop Up Market at Goat Farm

Fairly new on the street, it's getting some mad reviews.  You can read all about the venue on their Facebook About page (here)

After all the happenin' events in the Atl., let's slow down a bit and enjoy the heady scents of gardenias & magnolias as they meld with the salty sea breezes in the coastal plains of Georgia.

Garden Tours of Savannah

A trip to the South wouldn't be complete without a tour of the old historic gardens of Savannah.  So peaceful & serene.  What a way to end the trip. (Okay, I love gardens & want to see them all during my short stint here on earth.)

I'm absolutely inspired to get out & about.  How about you?  Any spring flings happenin' your way?


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