22 April 2012

Reviving with Danish Oil

Happy weekend!

It's been a busy Saturday here. Rain this past week hindered the completion of several projects I had on schedule, so today was a much needed "make-up" day for me.

And the majority of my day was taken up with reviving a beautiful dining set we recently acquired.

set of six forum dining chairs by stanley

forum dining set by stanley

Love those Danish lines. But, like many finds, this one needed a little love before making its debut.  While in perfect condition, the wood was very dry.
applying danish oil, before and after

Several coats of Danish oil were applied to seal the wood & pull out the beautiful grain of the walnut.

danish modern dining chair in a very dry condition

Applying Danish oil isn't a difficult process at all, just a time consuming one. After properly cleaning your piece, each coat of oil is applied, left to soak, then buffed to remove any remaining oil. I've learned through experience that Danish oil tends to slowly seep from the wood afterward, so it must sit for a few days after application and buffed frequently during that period.

danish modern dining chair

It's a time consuming process, but the result is well worth the effort. For your patience, you will be rewarded with a beautifully conditioned piece. Last on the to-do list is a top coat of wax for additional protection.

If interested, you can find these beauties (along with a few other additions for sale) on my new "inventory" page.

Happy weekend!


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