10 April 2012

My Enchanted Garden

Several years ago, after getting one of those crazy "we can do it" ideas, hubby & I decided to build a flagstone patio in our yard.  It was just going to be a small cozy spot to hang out in the evenings and a place for guests to spill over from off our deck when entertaining.  Needless to say, it grew larger and larger as we went along and completely morphed from a 12' x 16' intimate space into a 16' x 72' patio that spans the entire side of our house!  Oh, it is beautiful, and we are so happy with how it turned out.  But what a job it was!

It's been five years since we completed the project, and the plants are filling in nicely.  I used a lot of native plants to keep maintenance down to a minimum.  But, really, it was just the lazy gardener's way of having a beautiful garden without a lot of "babysitting."

We couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

The view above is what you see as you step off the deck and onto our side yard.  Behind the Dragon's Blood Japanese Maple is a shade garden and separate resting spot built with paved rocks .  We like to hang a hammock there between two oaks.  In the summer it's the perfect place for a cool rest when we're working in the yard.  Unfortunately you can't see it in the pic's, it's a special hideaway tucked behind the main garden.  (love!)

This is another view from the same location off the deck and just a little to your left.  The steps in the foreground are where you step down from the deck.  The steps in the background take you up into the lawn and the chicken coop hubby built for my "designer" bantams.  We don't have any chickens right now, but plan to re-populate in the near future.  I miss them...

Okay, this view is from the opposite side of the patio.  This hay lined path (we love the contrast of color it gives, plus super inexpensive) leads from the driveway.  The large oak you see makes a canopy that completely engulfs the path.  As you walk through, you are immediately drawn into the garden.

 The path splits here.  To your left the path winds down to the vegetable garden.  To your right is where you step onto the patio. 

Every flagstone was laid by hand, one at a time, taking care to place them in an esthetically pleasing pattern.  Some of them weighed 75-100 pounds each.  As each brick of the retaining wall was stacked, we could see the shape it was going to take.  We just followed a natural curve that seemed to pair with the house and yard.  It has a seamless flow.

Do you have an enchanted garden of your own?  Perhaps you have a favorite trail or park that evokes the same feeling.  No matter where your oasis is, embrace the power it has to sooth your soul.

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