20 April 2012

Latest Acquisitions {schoolhouse lockers}

 Yep. There it is. I bought it... It's red. What can I say? If you read yesterday's post, you'll remember I was in one of those moods. I even purchased a piece of art {something I rarely do}; and, needless to say, it was also red. Oh my. Hubby was completely embarrassed when I pulled this puppy out of the vehicle. He made me take it inside before the neighbors saw it.

But I couldn't help but purchase it. I was drawn in by it's sexy lipstick red leather cushions and black leather arm straps... I'm sure someone will love it as much as I... anyone???

Red seems to be the theme of the week for me. Here's yesterday's red art

See what I mean? These two are actually a very striking pair. Although not purchased together, they almost seem as if it were meant to be a pair.

The red theme continued into this morning as I started on what was to be a "quick" clean up project on some great lockers before they went into the booth. 

red schoolhouse lockers
The one on the left is shown in the original shade of brownish red. I liked its color & wanted to keep it.  However, the closer I looked, the more I realized some love was needed in order to bring these guys to a happy place:

Although completely stable, this surface rust just needed to be cleaned up. So, I started a light sanding...

As I began to sand, more & more of the red was brought to the surface. Red again. Okay, so I'll go with it because it's apparently meant to be. And in the end, it was beautiful. The patina became less of a brown-red and more of a melon color with deep red undertones. I must say, it's quite striking. And the matte finish is a smooth as butter. Exquisite.

penco products number label

{I love anything with a number. Things with numbers signify a past prominence.}

1940's industrial lockers
Here's the pair prominently placed in the booth. Each of the double lockers has a clever mechanisim inside in order to open one specific top storage unit. That way each child had access to hang his coat & such, and a place to stow his books above. Such American ingenuity!

I'm lovin the slant top, lovin the retro schoolhouse red, and...

lovin that there's a pair of these.
red school lockers
Wouldn't these be perfect for a pool house or beach house?  Yep, red was an awesome theme this week.

Happy Friday, my friends!


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