19 April 2012


Today was a bit on the moody side - not sad, but not happy.   I did notice, however, that I was content.  Content in the moment no matter where I was or what I was doing.  I was just grooving through my activities without much emotion or drama.  It was a good feeling.

Along the way I stopped at some local thrifts.  I typically don't have much luck at the Goodwills, but I give them a try every so often.  Today I decided this was a piece I would carry home with me.

It was a piece of art.  Art is something I almost never buy.  But I was drawn in by the beautiful composition of colors and the dimension the artist had created with his knife.

 Was it the mood I was in?

Or was it just a beautiful piece of art?

 I'm not sure I'll ever know the reason; but isn't that what art is all about?  It isn't a rational decision, it's an emotional decision.  Art is meant to evoke moods & feelings and is meant to speak to the viewer in ways that only the viewer can appreciate.

I love this piece of art.  I love the starkness of the black and the boldness of the red.  I love the pink that blends the two primary colors into a sinuous unity and gives it a calmness the painting would not have otherwise.

A piece of art needs to be placed in such a way that displays it in its best light.  My ideal placement of this piece would be in a room filled with a bohemian mix of modern, Victorian, & industrial...  say here above the bed:

or here - above the white sofa:

or how about here,

where the perfect placement would be over the suitcases.

See my vision?  

How about you?  Where was your inspiration today?


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