04 April 2012


Hello my peeps!  Long time no see.  It's my fault...  I've been buried under a pile of spring projects that have been stored through the long winter.  But I'm seeing the light from below and look forward to a clean garage, at least for a few days...

Today, in honor of the upcoming Easter celebration, I am paying homage the iconic marshmallow Peep.  This little yellow puff ball has earned its way into the hearts of the Baby Boomers, the Generation Xers, & the Y Generation.  (If only we could all age as gracefully.)  And although I'm not a personal fan of them as a food product, they have certain other attributes that have perpetuated their popularity and have established them as an American icon since 1950.  Didn't the 50's just bring us the most awesome stuff ever???

Eager to learn the mass appeal of the Peep, I found their personal website.  Within it is a slide show that promises to give you the quick lowdown:  The marshmallow Peep - A Peep in Time
Once you've viewed the slide show & now appreciate their awesomeness, kick your shoes off and enjoy a yummy sounding Peep Pear Martini (recipe here).  While you're at it, make one for me, please :)

After your martini (& the one you made for me), you will be able to fully appreciate the selection of "peep art" I have personally chosen for you.  Enjoy!




You didn't think I would let you go without a "carry on" quote, did you?  Absolutely not!  

In doing the intensive research required for this post, I have truly gained a new appreciation for the Peep.  Children have always loved the little cuties, and now we adults can, too!


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