07 April 2012

Easter in the Country

Easter is a beautiful holiday of rebirth that appropriately falls during the seasonal transition from the long dark winter to the warm sunshine of spring.  I love how it all comes together harmoniously - the spiritual transition and the seasonal transition.

Beautiful wood poppy - a Georgia native

Spring brings with it its own rebirth.  Trees are in full bloom, plants are budding up from the earth, and the birds are singing exceptionally long trills.  The spring green of the perennials have yet to experience the sun burn, and spring showers have kept the grasses lush.  It's a perfect time for the year's first garden party.

We are so blessed to live in an area surrounded by pastures and mountains lining the horizon.  When the weather is a comfortable cool, the humidity is low, & the bugs have yet to swarm en mass, we try to take advantage of nature's celebration of life.  Easter, for us, is a family gathering that lends well to the outdoors.

Come join me for a virtual Easter celebration in the country:


The eggs are gathered first thing in the morning and brought to the kitchen for the day's meal.   No doubt some will be set aside for dying.
 The afternoon brings the traditional Easter egg hunt.

At the day's end, all the eggs are accounted for.  It's now time to sit back, enjoy the beauty of spring, and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.  A casual dinner setting is waiting for friends and family.

Happy Easter


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