18 April 2012

A Children's Play Place {Part One}

Earlier in the week I posted about my hopes to create some outdoor play spaces on our property for our two granddaughters.  We will hopefully get started this weekend when the girls come to visit.  {I can't wait!}

Until then, I've created an inspiration board on Pinterest filled with ideas that I keep adding to.  Feel free to click & visit the full board.  But if you just want to hang here within this awesome blog, I've put together a few of the inspirations I really want to use in our yard:

This swing {is it just me, or do you love this swing, too?} to go under...

this tree limb.  I know, it's hard to see the limb; but just go with me on this one.

This stage area...

to be made with this pile of logs from a dead tree we just cut down

And perhaps that cut timber can also make something like this bridge or maybe just some balance beams.


And this sweet little twig pergola - just perfect for a garden tea party.  {Hey, it was a very large tree, and there's plenty more where that came from!}
I'm going to start easy, by first incorporating some child-friendly gardening on the deck.  {An easy task to spark interest.}  I have already set aside a few pots on the deck for Charlotte (now 3) & Michelle (just 1) to plant some colorful flowers next to my potted herbs.  I am giving Charlotte full charge of maintaining them when she comes to visit.

Well, it's a start.  How about you?  Are you inspired to create a play place of  your own?  Adults need play places, too...


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