25 March 2012

Sunday Dreaming


The name says it all. 
 Being my first love, Volkswagen has a special place in my heart.  A Volkswagen beetle in butter yellow was my first car.  I loved its vintage-ness, it's beautiful shade of yellow enhanced by shiny chrome details, and the sweet stick-shift...  Need I continue?  No matter that there was no heat or a/c - that was just a small sacrifice for awesomeness.

 As I've moved on, so has my taste for VW's.  My choice today would definitely be the VW van.  On my bucket list is to take a road trip in one of these.  I'm not sure how long I would last with the VW's minimalist qualities (no a/c); however, I just want to say I did it!
 Love the pop-up on this restored beauty.

 Sweet vintage restoration.  So campy.  I waaaant!

This car is looks just like my first car.  Such a sweet ride.  


Great memories for a Sunday afternoon.  Happy Sunday!


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