02 February 2012

Wall Art {Displaying China}

 In my twenties, I had to come up with some rather ingenious decorating ideas as I branched off on my own.  Like most, I was on a minimalist budget just barely getting by.  The choice between an awesome lamp or groceries for the week arose more often than I care to remember. And like most of us, I was handed down the outdated couch from mom from which to stage my decor around (memories of brown wood sofas with gold & yellow floral fabrics are running through my head right now - ewww!).

However, I can now appreciate the experience as a wonderful & beautiful lesson in thrift. I never would have appreciated what I have now had it not been for my humble beginnings.  It's a part of who I came to be, and I suppose I should be thankful for that.  Although, I still resent the neighbor down the street who started out with all the newest latest greatest and wasn't ashamed to use it - shamelessly flaunting her beauties at her perfect cocktail & dinner parties.  Resentful?  Who?  Me?

So what's the most valuable design trick I came away from that experience with?  It was the notion of taking what you have & using it to the best possible advantage.  Not a new idea, but one that doesn't get used enough.  Taking advantage of the vast array of implements your kitchen has to offer is a great place to start.  From the everyday china & serving pieces to the silver & crystal, it's all fair game in my opinion.  I mean, really, how often do you use most of that stuff?  And placing it in a prominent place as part of your styling is an uber practical way to store it!

My absolute favorite trick is to use my china as wall art.  It's a timeless look that never goes out of style.  From modern to classic, cheap to chic, there's a platter out there for your wall!  If you don't like what's available in your cupboards, try your local thrift for a few .50 cent plates instead.
A Blue Willow platter, ca. 1700, passed down to me.  I cherish it's family ties.
And to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of artwork.  I'd much rather have an eclectic mix of items making a statement on a wall than a collection of fine artwork.  And although budget issues aren't as big an issue for me now, I still like to mix up the good stuff with some funky finds - just to keep it interesting.  I just love a good juxtaposition of stuff!

Here's some great examples of what I mean.  These first few pic's are from a blog I found, appropriately named martha moments - a tribute to the great Martha.  It's a great blog itself, & this particular post is a good read on the subject of displaying plates.  You'll enjoy stopping by to visit.

Don't you love the pop of color done here?  Beautiful.

 Over the top, yes?  I like!

This designer is using china as a true art form.


Oooh!  Isn't this house to die for?  Sorry, I digress...

I have developed an obsession, I mean, a passion for mid-century.  I love the minimalist look and sleek lines.  Oh yeah, it's where I'm going!

Want to create a cohesive design for your home but are a little short on cash flow?  What better way to do so than to place your oft' unused serving pieces on the wall - things such as the bread & butter plates or saucers, the silver platter or even your flatware.  The possibilities are endless.  And it's a design trend that can grow as your budget grows.

Happy hanging!


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