27 February 2012

Spring Fling {Going Green}

Cardinal in snow

Weather in the south can be fickle.  Mother Nature has been teasing us with 70 degree weather in what is usually the depths of winter for us.  It has been a welcome site.

These recent warm days have sparked life all around our little slice of the world - buds on the maples, hyacinths & jonquils in bloom, and little sprouts are popping up all throughout the yard.  I love the change of seasons.  And each one is special all on its own.

In the transition from winter to spring, it's still too soon to do much more than plan.  So during that time,  I create wishlists.  This one is for my fantasy spring garden.  Spring gardens are green & lush.  Leaves are fresh & untattered from the heat of the summer sun.  And ample rainfall fills the air with a fresh clean scent.  In my spring garden all is well:


The view from my flagstone patio leads to winding stone steps lined with mosses.
At the end, a cool meandering stream is edged with ferns & native shrubs.

Ferns are growing through the nooks & crannies of the rock lined garden walls.

And native plants are scattered in abundance throughout:

native Rhododendron


newly emerging fern fiddlehead

 Spring is just around the corner.  Happy days!


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