29 February 2012

Spring Fever

It has been a sickly winter for me.  For the past six weeks I've had a serious head cold that just won't go away.  When I think I'm finally past it, it only returns stronger than before.  This last go 'round has me in bed with a fever, a sinus infection, and an ear infection!  Whew, no fun.  And for you moms out there, I have so much sympathy for the little ones who are prone to ear infections.  Never having had one before, let me tell you - it is painful!!!

So when the ear infection hit, I finally broke down & went to the doctor.  Antibiotics are in the process of knocking out whatever I have; and I have to say, I'm feeling a little less feverish & more coherent today.  Hopefully I'm on the mend!

Not being one to get sick often,  this bout has really put me behind on everything.  That's not good considering I have to work 6-7 days a week just to keep up with what I've got going on.  I'm not complaining mind you - I love being busy 24/7 - I'm just frustrated thinking of all I need to be doing while I sit here in bed all helpless, lethargic, & pathetic.  Ugggh!  And the best I can get out of hubby is an "air hug" as he rushes through the room.  Acutally, he's an amazing caretaker - much more so than I, sad to say (for him).

However, this down time has given me some much needed time to catch up on my blogging and lots of time to play on everyone's latest favorite site, Pintrest.  Oooooh, isn't it fun?  Such creative people out there.  If only I had half that talent.

So here today I bring you few beautiful inspirations in keeping with my love right now for everything spring.  I thought I'd create a little spring fever with these teases.  Enjoy!

Beautiful in its rustic simplicity is this garden niche'.  Nowhere do I love rustic as much as I do when its setting is the great outdoors.  Rustic is in its element there - it just fits.

Can you imagine snuggling up w/ your bestest guy in this hammock?  A bottle of wine and tree frogs singing as we sway to & fro......  {I actually have the perfect spot for this & may just have to make it my own.}

And speaking of hammocks, for those warm spring days when the air is clear and the scent of fresh spring blossoms encompasses your entire being, what more could you ask for than a hammock filled with fat feather pillows, a crisp cotton blanket, & a good read.  Happiness in its simplest form.

Happy dreaming!



  1. Love it all!!! Feel better soon!

  2. Looks like heaven to me! Great pictures!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by Susan! I loved this post - great garden inspirations!!!


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