01 January 2012

Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year - Tangerine Tango

As many of you already know, Pantone has announced their color choice for 2012 as "Tangerine Tango" - an orangy-red that's both bold & daring.


According to Leatrice Eiseman, exec. director of the Pantone Color Institute, "The color of 2012 is a citrus-red hue that will give your weary eyes a break from all of those neutrals. Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s 2012 color of the year, was selected because, “there’s the element of encouragement with orange, it’s building on the ideas of courage and action, that we want to move on to better things. I think it would be a disservice to go with a relaxed, soothing color now,” The Washington Post

The vibrancy of this color will certainly be a show stopper in any design.  Meant to excite, invigorate, & rejuvenate, its blend of red & yellow make it a color flattering for almost all skin tones.  I love neutrals for that reason; and I love it even more when a bold color can accomplish the same goal.

As with any bold color, it's a great accent when used judiciously - too much will take over the room.

Elle Decor
 But small pops of it throughout a room will give dimension & life.


My personal taste is to use neutrals as a base, then pair them with small accents of bold colors which can be changed out frequently & inexpensively.  This keeps your rooms constantly fresh & updated without a large overhaul.

To tell the truth, I've always had a secret passion for orange. I've been telling clients for the last four years that orange was the new gray.  Unfortunately, no one bought my pitch.  No matter how hard I tried to sell orange, no one was buying it!  What can I say - just ahead of the curve ;)

I think my love for orange began when I was purchasing inventory for my then-new antiques shop.  One of the first purchases I made was an Eastlake settee covered in orange velvet.  It was a beautiful, warm orange that I immediately fell in love with.  No matter where I placed that settee or what was placed beside it, it blended in in a way that you never would have expected.  The color always looked good (except when a large burlap bag was plopped on top of it - sorry only pic I had left of my beloved).

Regardless, I was never able to sell the beautiful settee.  No one believed in its great powers as much as I and it eventually went to auction.  Hopefully the new owner has the same appreciation for it as I did.

Take a look at how this color can liven up a room:

Another thing I love about this shade is its modern tendencies, especially when used in a traditional setting.  It gives a youthful vibrancy to what can be a somewhat frumpy style.  Always one to create a juxtaposition, this shade will work perfectly in my traditional/farmhouse/French country/modern design.

How about you?  Do you plan to use Tangerine Tango into your decor?  I'd love to see what ways you will incorporate it into your home.



  1. Not really an orange person, or red for that matter either, but I love the last image. It can be a fun color when mixed with pink.

  2. isn't orange & pink so sexy? my step-grandmother lived in fla. & always decorated with those colors. she had exquisite taste!


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