05 January 2012

My Blogger Blunder & A photo a Day

Today I am very unhappy with Blogger.

I innocently put my blog in Dynamic View - just because I was curious - and when I tried to revert back to my old template, all my info was lost.  My sidebar info is gone - ugggggh!  And after three hours recreating a poor copy of the blog I created with much love & time & engery, I still don't have everything back in place.  It will take me quite a while to retrieve all I've lost.  Yes, it's a sad day, but I shall perservere; and in the end it will be better than ever, I'm sure!

Anyway,  on to more fun stuff.  Today is day #5 of the Photo A Day Challenge, "Something You Wore."  Mine is a beautiful French woolen coat from the 1950's that is pristine & wears like silk.  It belonged to my late grandmother.  She passed away before I knew her, but the stories I've heard of her make this coat come alive for me.

Happiness comes in many forms.


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