06 January 2012

Happy Friday & A Photo a Day

Happy, happy Friday!  A fabulous day here with 60 degree weather & not a cloud in the sky.  A good dose of sunshine does wonders for the attitude, does it not?  I am positively giddy right now :)

Needless to say, I spent the majority of the day staying busy with  outdoor projects in preparation for show &  our soon-to-be second booth at Queen.  We are expanding and are so very excited!  Another space came available on our same street, Church Street, so we grabbed it up at the first offer.  We love being at the Queen of Hearts!  The wonderful staff at the Alpharetta store (they have other stores in Buford & in Marietta) are so sweet and so helpful and are always on top of things.  Sometimes I think fate sent us there,  & for that I am so grateful!

Anyway, today is day #6 of the Photo a Day challenge - "Something that Makes You Smile."  There are so  many things that make me smile, but one in particular - the g'babies.  Don't have any yet?  Still working on the ones you personally produced?  As wonderful as parenthood is, just you wait.  It doesn't get any better than the grandbabies - especially if you have enough energy to keep up with them.  Lord knows I try!  But in the end, the old saying is so true - parenting is for the young!!!  Here's what makes me smile:

Okay, okay, I know it's two pic's.  But you're allowed certain leeway when it comes to grandbabies!  Have a great weekend!


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