03 January 2012

First project of 2012 {Facing My Fear of Fabric}


Today promises to be a balmy 35 degrees here in North Georgia, and we can expect a few more days such as these until mid-May.  For you busy bees who, like me, can't sit still, what's a girl to do on a day like this?


 While unwinding from the crazy holidays, it's a great time to organize your indoor spaces, which I totally love to do (great therapy).  However, there are a lot of posts out in the blogdome right now offering tips & products that will help you do just that, so I won't repeat a subject that has been well taken care of by other bloggers.

For me, this is the ideal time to work on small projects that don't include toxic fumes or heavy sanding.  And my first project of 2012 is going to be this chair & the challenge to face my fear of fabric related projects.  Fritz, our cat, has asked that he be allowed to speak on this topic.  You see, he has an eye for design and has claimed this chair for his own.  He feels this subject requires his personal opinion:

"Hello, my name is Fritz.  I shall take you on a tour of this lovely French chair Madame has purchased for my pleasure.  Note it's lovely frame - the nice carved details delight me.  Madame wished to paint the chair, but I think I am going to insist on keeping it's beautiful warm wood, at least for now.  I have, however, given her permission to recover my chair.  I think I should like her to try covering it in drop cloth fabric, as it will wear very well & has a nice look to it - simple, yet elegant.  She knows not what she is doing, so the fact that this fabric is inexpensive gives her permission to remove if it is not to my liking."

"See how beautiful I am?  Madame has found a likeness of me in painted pot metal, as you see in the background; but my beauty cannot be replicated.  However, we aren't here to discuss my beauty - a topic to large to post here.  Let us focus on my chair."


"Note the outdated fabric.  I feel it clashes with my markings & must be replaced.  I shall require a more neutral background so that my exquisite coloring is the center of attention while I lay upon my chair."

"Sexy legs, oui?  I like."

"Oh, poor, poor Madame!  She did not realize that she would have to replace the back as well!  This may require more skill than she is capable of at this stage.  Madame will need much reference to complete this project, I'm sure.

I shall keep you updated to her progress.  Pray for me & my chair that it turns out to be worthy of my affections.

Wait, is that my derriere hanging off the chair?  Does this chair make my butt look fat?  I may need to rethink this whole project."

Thanks for allowing our cat, Fritz, to give you a tour of his chair.

Truth be told, I have an inexplicable fear of fabric - especially if it requires the use of a sewing machine.  Bobbins, thread tension, sewing on the bias, what does it all mean? I'm not so sure of myself, but I am going to give it a try.  Wish me luck!


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