18 January 2012

Color of the Day - Yellow

A lovely pop of color for a gray wintry day.

My brain works on symmetry, so I don't think I could live with chevron patterns - they just don't seem balanced to me.  Or maybe they're just too busy.  Regardless, vicariously viewing online is a great way to enjoy without having to commit.  This would be perfect for a little guy's room, all funky & quirky.

Okay, this seriously would go in my house if I could have it.  If I were painting this French beauty, would I choose yellow?  Probably not.  But if it were already painted, I would take this in a heartbeat & lovvve me some yellow.

I saw a pair of end tables very similar just yesterday while thrifting in a local fav of mine.  I think I have to return for them.  Painted yellow, they're just too cool for school.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Love love love yellow an gray together!! Want to do some of that in our house one day. Reminds me of our wedding Save the Dates :)

    1. I love it too! Can't wait to help you put that together;)


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