09 December 2011

Seasonal Styling Part III - The Mantlescape

   Today I am featuring my woodland mantlescape.  This keeps with my goal of styling for the holidays while spending as little as possible and using as much of nature's bounty as is possible.  You see the "after."  Now let's take a look at the "before" shots:

 Don't mind the leaning candles or the unpolished silver - I am an imperfect perfectionist.  This is how the mantle is typically situated.  My key staples are always in place & include a beautiful oil painting, my collection of antique candlesticks, and a pair of matching vases.  In keeping with this year's low key design, I don't want to completely transform the mantle, just embellish it.  I'm all about the K.I.S.S. method (keeping it super simple).

Taking what I have on hand, this loaf pan is the perfect shaped vessel for the antique dough bowl I'll use for my arrangement.  I was out of floral foam, so these glass  fillers were used in lieu of foam - not as secure, but they sufficed.

Evergreens & more cedar were arranged in the loaf pan then placed in the dough bowl.

Here's the arrangement - making a statement all on its own.
I wish I could remember the name of this beautiful evergreen, but I didn't record it in my gardening log.  It's an exquisite specimen with weeping fronds projecting out as if it's reaching to touch you.  I can't wait for him to get a little larger so I can really make use of its cuttings.  This year, I judiciously snipped.

A strand of beaded garland picked up several years ago from Smith & Hawken for 75% off (woot!) fills in empty space with color & a subtle sparkle.

Found twigs fill the vases.

Some feathered friends borrowed from the bookshelf & a found bird's nest add to the woodland theme.
 Here is the view you see from my foyer as you enter through the front door.  You get just a peek of the living room.  I love the possibilities presented here - a sweet little tease of what's to come when you turn the corner.  

So, here's the final product:

Oh how I wish I had the mad skills (& tools) of a professional photographer.  I always wish my pic's were better...  But that's another topic for another day.

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