07 December 2011

Seasonal Styling on a Minimalist's Budget

This Christmas season, my goal is to style organically & do it on a minimalist budget.  The plan this year is no tree (a first in this home) and no dragging out the Christmas stash hidden underneath the stairwell.  I plan for my decor to be made primarily from fresh-cut findings off our property. It won't be 100% natural; but I'll be seeking out as many all-natural beauties as I can harvest.  For those of you who read my earlier post on said subject, I am looking forward to a low key holiday.

In today's post I am going to show my wishlist:

 Above is a dreamy mantlescape that really captures the mood of the holiday.  My home is not all white, nor is it cottage; however, I adore the feel of this photo.  The idea is not to mimic the photo but to take your personal style & create the feeling this photo gives - warm, inviting, & lush without being over-the-top.

I had to include this clamp-style wire wreath form because I reallly want one!  However, I can only find them online, & at this point I don't have time to wait for mail order.  Does anyone know a big box that offers these?  If so, pleeeaaase let me know!  They make wreath arranging a breeze.

This is what I hope to create for the front door.  Cedar, pine, & holly abound in my yard, so I'll combine the three to create my wreath - with the addition of some berries for a pop of color.  Don't you love the draping effect of the cedar?  Combining that with dark green holly & some long-needled pine, I think will make a nice dimensional piece.

This pic has a beautiful garland strung across the door & evergreens planted in the urns.  It's so elegant against the painted white background.  My front entrance is brick with a dark green door, so the greenery won't pop as well as this.  I'll have to use more color for a good contrast, but the garland & the evergreens is where I'll start.  And isn't that moss wreath to die for???  (I love anything with moss.)

A few of these sparkling beauties,

And twigs in arranged in glass vases,

Will make for a beautiful tree!

So there you have it.  This is my plan for holiday styling on a minimalist's budget.

We'll see if I actually get it done!  Right now I'm sitting w/ hubby in pre-op waiting to have his gall bladder removed.  Amazing how medical technology has made such a major surgery into a minor surgery.   It's times like these that you appreciate that we have the best medical services in the world.  I'll have two-to-three days of down-time at home while helping hubby recover.  I think I can fit this into my schedule!


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