19 December 2011

The Morning Muse of an Early Riser

I'm an early bird - up & ready to start the day anywhere between 4 am & 6 am.  My favorite part of the day is when I'm sipping my cup of coffee while watching the sun rise, seeing a black sky slowly illuminate the dark silhouettes of trees. No matter that I see it everyday, it's always a spectacular sight.

As the morning sihlouettes give way to color, I anticipate the next step in nature's process.  The first bird call of the day - usually coming from a nearby crow or chic-a-dee - becons the world to wake.  Once these birds signal the new day, all other wildlife slowly begins to stir.

Then, as if by design, my blissful state of mind is quickly startled into reality by my own series of morning rituals:  the cat who's been on his nightly hunt pounces, full-body, at the door until I'm forced off my comfy couch to let him in, the multitude of squirrels start feeding on the bird seed as I watch helplessly, the neighboring dogs make their rounds, causing our yorkie to growl & pace frantically as they cross over into his territory; and lastly, I watch the herd of deer as they nibble away on our winter garden of leafy greens.

Ahh, the world has once again come to life before right my eyes, and I am always grateful for having witnessed it's simple beauty.  Now, where's that BB gun?


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