27 December 2011

Haven Conference - Atlanta, GA

Have ya'll heard about the Haven Conference?  Are any of you going?  If you don't know what it's all about, get the low down here @ Haven Conference.

This awesome "get-together" of the blog world is a two-day conference offering up sessions on diy skills & tips to improve your blog (both of which I desperately could use).  The sessions are based around our diy worlds and include a range of subjects pertinent to us:  photography, diy projects, thrifty shopping finds, better blogging, & guest speakers that we bloggers all follow & admire.  What's there not to be excited about?

It's looks a tad bit pricey at first, and I had to give it much thought before making the decision to splurge.  But after seeing what's offered up, the cost is well worth it.  The way I see it, I can learn in two days what would take me years to figure out on my own.  Knowing that the alternative is to learn through tedious trial & error - wasting valuable time & potential profit - it was an easy decision in the end.  Besides, it's to be held in Atlanta, so how could I resist?

I can't wait until June 21st!  And I hope some of you will be able to make it as well.  As excited as I am about the sessions, I'm even more excited to actually meet many of the people I've only known in the blogosphere.  It's so nice to have a human to put with the blog!

See you there!  

Haven Conference 2012


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